International Bazaar 2016-17

For the first time since I started at the University of Oklahoma, I went to the International Bazaar as a visitor, not a volunteer or someone setting it up. And even though I still had my fretting tendencies (like routinely going around to the different tables and asking people if they needed anything), overall I would say that its very enjoyable to be a participant in IAC events! For those who don’t know what the International Bazaar is, it is a yearly event that the International Advisory Committee puts on and is a like a mini international marketplace and showcase. Different international student organizations have the opportunity to sell items from their country, such as food or clothing, and perform dances and songs if they’d like. It’s pretty fun:

I tried (and failed) to do some Angolan Kizumba dancing:

Intl Bazaar20161 IntlBazaar20164 IntlBazaar20163 IntlBazaar20162

Got some nice henna from a friend (after my own failed attempt; you can see the awful flower I did on my wrist):





Tried (and failed) not to impule-buy all of the jewelry at the event:

IntlBazaar201614 IntlBazaar201613

And got to see some other cool features of the Bazaar as well:

IntlBazaar201612 IntlBazaar201611





Overall, I had loads of fun at the International Bazaar this year. I’m super proud of the new IAC executive committee for pulling this off much more flawlessly than I’ve ever witnessed!




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