Global Engagement Fellowship Mentoring Program

Instead of continuing my executive position in the International Advisory Committee, I chose to become a part of the Global Engagement Fellowship Mentoring Program (GEFMP) as my international group this year. I chose this group because I felt like my experiences in international student groups (both positive and negative) could help incoming GEFs know the dos and don’ts of joining different groups on campus and participating in different international events. However, I feel like I have done a pretty poor job of both with regards to my current mentees. We have only met once, as both I and they are very busy this semester. Much of our contact is done through groupme, where I tell the mentees about different international events on campus and remind them of any important deadlines, Global Engagement or otherwise, that are approaching. Overall, I feel like I have been more of a casual informant than a mentor. In the recent mentor meeting, someone brought up the idea of having the mentoring program seem more 1-on-1 than group-oriented, as it seemed like many of the mentees were open to talking to just the mentor but were not very comfortable in a group setting with other mentees whom they may or may not know. I personally agree with this sentiment, as the rare moments when I see one of my mentees on campus are the most rewarding, as they seem more personal and the mentees seem less nervous. I feel like the idea of a mentoring program in a group as large as the GEFs is definitely good, but there needs to be fine-tuning on how the program actually works.


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