International Group Participation

I plan on applying for the IAC as part of the Sub-Committee. This will be the main international group I join, since it will definitely be the most time consuming. I want to join this group because I know that it will satisfy every aspect of international life I wish to be involved in. The Sub-Committee helps out at all of the cultural events on campus, doing everything from serving food to participating in the events themselves. I can be temporarily immersed in different cultures and even get some language practice during the French (and perhaps Brazilian) events. I hope to make international friends with the help of OU Cousins. Being the former Prime Minister of French Club at my high school, I also wish to join OU’s French Club. Depending on whether or not I decide to take Arabic, the Arabic Flagship program would be a great resource to constantly practice my Arabic skills and learn the culture of those in Arabic-speaking countries. The final groups I may join are the International Business Association and perhaps CESL, but I do not want to stretch myself too thin. CESL gives me valuable teaching skills that I could use to my advantage when applying for a Fulbright scholarship my senior year; however, this only applies to the Fulbright for teaching abroad, and I am still unsure of what I want to use my Fulbright toward.

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